Concrete Boots
Free online mafia game

Concrete Boots is a free to play online mafia game in where you get to build your criminal empire. Choose your strategy, plan ahead and eliminate your gangster rival. Earn respect, or strike fear into the hearts of the citizens to gain control. Bribe, raid, steal, extort, recruit and kill in this simulation of becoming the ultimate mob boss

In this turn-based simulation game every choice you make as a player has consequences. You will have to think steps ahead and outsmart your rival mafia boss. Develop a money making strategy with illegal businesses, deal with the law, eliminate enemies and trust nobody. Explore the city and manage your gangster empire from your headquarters. Hire henchmen and manage salaries, weapons and extort officials to stay out of the hands of the F.B.I. Bribe the police to keep your gangsters out of jail and manage your empire like a true mafia boss.

This mafia game is free to play and requires no registration. Concrete Boots runs in your browser and was created with HTML5.  Concrete Boots is also a work of fiction and displays images of gangster activities and mobster figures inspired by actual history. This mafia browsergame is unique and unlike any other. 

Latest news

  • 01-05-2024: Concrete Boots 3 v.1.0 released
  • 13-01-2024: Concrete Boots 3 development started.
  • 12-01-2024: Concrete Boots 1 updated with some small tweaks.
  • 19-12-2023: Games playable on website.
  • 17-12-2023: Artwork gallery added.
  • 14-12-2023: Concrete Boots 2 updated with bug fixes and new features. Rival now responds in 25 ways, power graph and statistics implemented. 
  • 14-12-2023: Website launched


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